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Jaffy is a rising DJ & Producer based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He began
his DJ career in 2020 and has quickly established himself as a skilled
and versatile performer known for his ability to seamlessly blend
multiple genres and his mastery of various DJ techniques. With a
passion for music and dance that he had suppressed for many years,
Jaffy has made up for lost time by performing at over 600 gigs across
the state in this short period.
Always having a love for music and dance, he had previously
suppressed his true passion and pursued a different career path. But in
2020, he decided to take the leap and pursue his true calling as a DJ. He
quickly honed his skills and began performing at local clubs and events,
quickly gaining a reputation for his dynamic 3-6 hr sets sets.
Jaffy's style is characterized by his ability to blend multiple genres
together, seamlessly between countless genres, with a focus on dance
music & hip-hop where environments allow. He is known for his precise
EQ filtering, use of reverb, and his mastery of phrasing and jog wheel
techniques. These skills allow him to create a unique and immersive
experience for his audience, leaving them on the edge of their seats from
start to finish.

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